University of Oxford (All Souls College)- DPhil in Philosophy

2019 - 2023

Thesis: The Totality of the Thinkable (on Kant and epistemology)

Supervised by Professors Adrian Moore and Anil Gomes

University of Oxford (All Souls College and Balliol College) - BPhil in Philosophy (Master’s degree)

2017 – 2019 | Distinction

Thesis: Kant’s Critical Theology

Supervised by Professors Ralph Walker and Adrian Moore

Stanford University - B.A., Major: Philosophy, Minor: Computer Science

Graduated 2015 | Distinction

Thesis: Human Foundations of Rational Knowledge (on Kant, Husserl, and philosophy of math)

Supervised by Professors Allen Wood and Lanier Anderson


Other academic affiliations:

Princeton University - Visiting Student Research Collaborator and Visiting Fellow at the Princeton Project in Philosophy & Religion (Fall 2022)

LMU Munich - Exchange Scholar (2016/2017)

University of Oxford (Balliol College) - Philosophical Theology program (2015/2016)


Oxford Uehiro Prize in Practical Ethics, 2020

Gilbert Ryle Prize, 2019

For best overall performance in BPhil in Philosophy at Oxford

Fellow (by Examination) at All Souls College, effective 2018

Seven years of full combined doctoral and post-doctoral funding

Balliol Maximilianeum Exchange Scholar at LMU Munich, 2016-2017

Full funding of tuition and room and board for one year

Rhodes Scholarship, 2015-2017

Marshall Scholarship, 2015 (declined) 

David M. Kennedy thesis award, 2015

Awarded for best undergraduate Humanities thesis at Stanford


Academic philosophical publications:

“Kant’s Critical Theory of the Best Possible World”, Kantian Review (2020)

Argues that in the Critical Period Kant continues to endorse the view that God creates the best possible world; presents an interpretation of what Kant thinks it is for a world to be best-possible according to which best possible worlds are infinite in value

Selected writing for popular audiences: 

"The Risk of the Universal", The Point (2024)

On Gillian Rose's Hegelian philosophy of mourning and nihilism

"An Enlightened Age", The Point (2024)

Dispatches from Kant's 300th birthday party in Berlin

"Dream House as Politics, Dream House as Art", The Oxonian Review (2020)

On hermeneutical injustice and Carmen Maria Machado's In the Dream House 

Work and publications intended for both philosophical and non-philosophical audiences:

"Can it be Wrong for Victims to Report Crimes?", online essay at the Uehiro Centre's "Practical Ethics: Ethics in the News", (2020)

Argues that victims of crimes sometimes ought not report those crimes if they are privileged victims living in conditions of structural injustice. Uses the notion of strict liability to explain why, in conditions of structural injustice, the privileged should assume additional burdens. Awarded the Oxford Uehiro Prize in Practical Ethics.

“Against Interpretability: a Critical Examination of the Interpretability Problem in Machine Learning”, Philosophy & Technology (2019)

Presents skeptical considerations regarding the existence and significance of an ‘interpretability problem’ within machine learning.



13th Action Network meeting in Leipzig, July 2024


"Divine creation and the moral law", Oxford Post-Kantian Philosophy Seminar, April 2024

"Divine creation and the moral law", Workshop at Université de Fribourg, February 2024

"Infinite properties and moral metaphysics", Notre Dame conference on Kant's Moral Vision as Affirmative Religion, Spring 2023

"Kant's Moral Solution to the Infinite Properties Problem", Kant Graduate Student Forum at Harvard, December 2022

"The Skeptic's Revenge: Reading theology as psuedo-transcendental philosophy", Princeton Project in Philosophy & Religion, December 2022

"Rational theology as ‘pseudo-transcendental philosophy’: a new reading of the Transcendental Ideal", Midwest North American Kant Society conference, Fall 2022 (Markus Herz prize nominee)

"The problem with idealised reasoners” at Oxford Epistemology Group, Spring 2022

“Baumgarten’s and Kant’s views on the divine mind” at workshop at Trinity College (Oxford), Fall 2021

“Kant’s moral justification for belief in an ens realissimumat Oxford/Princeton/Maison Française graduate conference, Summer 2021

“A Kantian problem for modal rationalism” at Oxford Philosophy of Mind Work-in Progress Group, Spring 2021

“Was Kant a Spinozist?” at the Cambridge Loxbridge Kant workshop, Spring 2020

“Kant’s critical theory of the best possible world” at the Thirteenth International Kant Congress, Oslo, Summer 2019



On Patrick Kain's "The Development of Kant's Conception of Divine Freedom", Eastern APA meeting in Montreal, January 2023


Conference and related organising:

Conference co-organiser: Anglo-Franco-American Graduate Workshop in Early Modern Philosophy

Co-organized with Mogens Læerke and Dmitri Levitin

Summer 2021

Workshop series co-organiser: The Loxbridge Kant Series

Co-organised with Christopher Benzenberg and Nicholas Currie

Fall 2019 — Spring 2020

Conference co-organiser: Pluralising Philosophy: Learning from the Case of Chinese Thought

Co-organised with Lea Cantor, Sihao Chew and Chong-Ming Lim

Spring 2019

Diversity work:


All Souls College Women’s Open Evening and Black and Minority Ethnic Open Evenings

2019 – 2023

Mentor, People for Womxn in Philosophy (PWIP)/Oxford mentoring scheme

2019 – 2022

Equality and Diversity Representative - University of Oxford

2018 – 2019


Teaching experience:

Kant’s Aesthetics (Spring 2022)

Feminist Theory (Fall 2021)

Philosophy of Kant (Spring 2020)


Training and professional development:

Advanced Teaching and Learning Course (2021-2022)

Seminar on teaching and learning that leads to credential of Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, as part of the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF). Credential received in Spring 2022